What is Yuu Review?
Please see the About Yuu page to read more about Yuu Review and how it could be of use to you.

Is Yuu Review only for the Toy Industry?
Yuu Review is a review system that can be put onto almost any website. It can be used for any retail industry, but we focused on promoting it within the toy sector first as it’s an industry that we are familiar with.

Yuu Review can be used to review clothes, toys, cars, housewares, and any other products which would be helpful to have reviews against.

Can it be installed on any website?
Yuu Review is a simple plugin, that can be installed on absolutely any website no matter what technology the website was built using.

Once you have selected the styling using our simple WYSIWYG you will be given all the code that you require, and you can then simply copy and paste the code into your website. Easy peasy!

How much does it cost?
Yuu Review is a 100% FREE service. The only possible costs that you may incur are relatively small development costs from your web developer to implement the code (which is complete and formatted correctly directly from our website), if you are unable to implement the code yourself.

This should be a very easy task for most IT savvy people. There are installation instructions available for those who wish to have a go at implementing the system themselves.

What technical skill does it require?
To install the Yuu Review plugin you need to have access to your website's code, and have a basic knowledge of html and how to upload the changes to your server.

If you feel that you have these basic web skills then installing Yuu review should be a doddle. If not, you can contact your webmaster and they should be able to do it in a matter of minutes.

Why should I bother – What is the benefit for me?
It is a pretty well known fact that people like to read as much about a product as they can before making a purchase. This is especially true for online sales. All of the large websites have their own review systems as it gives people a way to voice their opinion on a product that they have bought, as well as giving new potential customers a more in depth way to guage whether the product is right for them by reading reviews of previous customers.

By having a community pool of reviews, we are hoping to build up a varied review base as people who shops at different websites will have different opinions of products, which means that everyone will receive a broader spread of review types.

This should hopefully result in you receiving more sales.

What are the restrictions?
There are no restrictions with regards to the implementation of the Yuu Review system. Users are able to fully customise the system to fit the colour scheme of their website. The only restrictions with regards to reviews posted are that:
  1. 1) Reviews should ONLY be about the purchased product and not about the service from the website it was purchased from. This is because Yuu Review is a community tool, so reviews posted on any website can feature on any other as long as it is about the same product. So another website wouldn’t want a comment on their website about poor service if it’s not actually about them.
  2. 2) Reviews will not meet our vetting standards and will not be posted if they comtain any obscenities, racial, sexual or any other derogatory comment.
Why have you created Yuu Review?
Yuu Review was spawned from the need to create a review system for our own retail website. As these types of developments can be rather time consuming and costly, we decided that we would develop it in a way that everyone can use the system.

We like the idea of community technology, as it gives smaller independent websites the chance to implement the same technologies as the large multinational retail websites, which hopefully is a step towards levelling the playing field.

Can one edit/delete unfavourable/untrue reviews?
Once a review is submitted, we will vet the review and check that there are no unfair comments/obscenities. Yuu Review is a review system for products only. It is not a review system for individual retailers’ services. So if a comment is posted saying that a particular service from a website is good/poor the comment will either be amended to only show the comment about the product itself or it will be deleted.

You will not be able to delete comments from the system yourselves, but if you feel that there is a highly unfavourable comment that is being displayed that we may have missed then you are more than welcome to contact us and we will vet the comment again and take the necessary steps if required.

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